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Our team at AQC

Our Team at aqc

Meet our President : Shannen Aguayo

My name is Shannen Aguayo, President of AQC. Originally from Staten Island, NY but I currently reside between the great States of Georgia and Texas. With 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry, my motto is simply,  “How can I Help?”. I have been with Advanced Quality Compliance & CVO. from the beginning. I love AQC. Being the President allows me the opportunity to ensure every client receives a zero percent error rate on audits.

We ensure QUALITY is at the center of everything we do. Some clients transferring to AQC come to us with trust issues, as their expectations were not met by other providers. It’s AQC’s job to surpass your expectations and keep you involved throughout the entire process. Our team will communicate with your staff while ensuring compliance, CVO, and your contracting needs are met.

Our Team at aqc

Meet the balance of our team.


Zuriel Ortiz
Data Manager
Puerto Rico

Zuriel Ortiz-Deliz, Data Manager, has been at Advanced Quality Compliance for over 3 years and has over 15 yrs. of experience in customer service/data, and loves being a Dog mom.

Her belief is that all AQC clients are VIP and that our concierge service makes all the difference. Our detailed process, and service from beginning to end, is to deliver an advanced quality service to all clients.


Amaya Reyes
Monitoring Manager
Austin, Texas

My name is Amaya Reyes and I am the Monitoring Manager for Advanced Quality Compliance. I am very precise & detailed oriented person. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the monitoring process with our wonderful team. I have been working for AQC for  4 + years and have grown through the knowledge I have learned and  working here. One goal I have for AQC is to strive to always give 100% satisfaction and quality to our customers.

Our Departments at AQC

Our CVO Team.

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