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Meet Shannen Reyes – President of AQC

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Meet Shannen Reyes – President of AQC

Ms. Shannen Reyes

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Today we had the chance the chance to sit down with the President of Advanced Quality Compliance & CVO, Ms. Shannen Reyes, welcome.

Shannen, we have known each other for years and before we begin, there is no one I know in this industry that is as passionate about PSV and its value to the profession. Where did this passion come from?

“Credentialing is a vital component of the Healthcare process. I am passionate about helping people and what better way than to make sure their Healthcare Professional is exactly who they say they are? Primary Source Verification is the process of checking the accuracy of information from a primary source. Watching AQC grow drives me, I love our staff and the work we do.”

What makes AQC different?

Where do you see the Industry in 5 Years.

Shannen Reyes and her hobbies.

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